Episode 7: A conversation with Carolyn Hamer-Smith

Trekking in the Himalayas was a life-changing experience that motivated Carolyn Hamer-Smith, CEO of the Australian Himalayan Foundation, to move from the corporate sector to the non-profit world. Leading an international non-governmental organisation Carolyn provides insight on coordinating with multiple governments and non-profit partners. She also shares what the Foundation does to develop a sponsorship that is really a partnership and describes how yesterday’s stewardship practices aren’t enough for today’s donors.

Episode 6: A conversation with Ken Gideon

Moving from the U.S. to Australia Ken Gideon, Alumni Manager at QUT, is realising his passion for higher education with a career in alumni relations. Ken offers pointers on how to deal with a leadership change at an organisation by sharing with the new leader at a high strategic level: what you are doing, why you are doing it, and where you are taking your program.  With extensive experience working with volunteers Ken shares how to deal with the occasional difficult volunteer, but still maintaining good will.  For Ken, it is all about people, people, people.  

Episode 5: A conversation with Mat Lewis

Despite the recent privacy controversy surrounding Facebook, Mat Lewis, Creative Director of Margin Media, contends Facebook will continue to be a tool to reach people. Mat advises nonprofit organisations should look for an agency that practices what it preaches and take the time to evaluate a company’s “digital eco-system.” Mat shares the 4 pillars to get noticed and although content is king consistency is equally important.  Using the Perfect Mango Campaign Mat shares the power of orchestrating a coordinated campaign followed by how to get exposure without the big advertising budget.