Episode 13: A conversation with Paul Gollan

Paul Gollan, Senior Professor and Pro Vice Chancellor South East Asia at Wollongong University, shares insight on the global aspects of external engagement and developing partnerships. It is important to understand reciprocity in building relationship and that the partnership is filling a need in the market place.  Paul shares the importance of engaging with the private sector and finding out the needs of the senior executives by looking “outside the box.” The role of the engagement professional is discussed with respect to supporting existing relationships and keeping professionals motivated.  Listen to Paul share his thoughts about the custodians of partnerships and how to reflect at the end of the day of an international trip.

Episode 12: A conversation with Jocelyn Kelty

Listen to Jocelyn Kelty, Director of Richmond Associates, Australia, share her experience as a recruiter to the non-profit sector. She provides excellent tips and advice on what recruiters and their clients are looking for in the “match making” process. She has extensive experience recruiting for positions involving a move to a new country and reveals the nuances involved in these special assignments. If you are looking for a career change or would like to secure a new opportunity within the non-profit sector be sure to take the time to listen to this episode of Streams of Thought for Non-Profits.

Episode 11: A conversation with John Stuckey

John Stuckey, former Chairman of McKinsey & Company Asia,  provides invaluable insight on a CEO’s thinking and suggest the approaches a non-profit should take in trying to engage a CEO. John talks in depth about the younger generation and the need to align with the causes they believe in to help rally senior management for a worthy cause.  McKinsey & Company is known for attracting high-quality talent and John shares the necessity of having those difficult intellectual “hurdles” to retain them. “Bite the bullet” and “it is good to sleep on it” are two pieces of advice John offers.  You won’t be disappointed listening to this well-respect former Chairman give counsel that will help your organisation and your career.