Episode 15: A conversation with Maureen O’Shea

Maureen O’Shea is the Head of Philanthropy at World Wide Fund for Nature—Singapore. In this episode Maureen discusses raising funds from wealthy donors living in Singapore and the expectations of these donors regarding the proposal. She shares the value of providing potential donors with an experience they can’t buy in order to connect them to the purpose of the organisation.  If you want to understand the important nuances of raising principal gifts ($1M plus) in Singapore, and the South East Asian region, be sure to listen to Maureen share her experiences.

Episode 14: A conversation with Khatmeh Osseiran-Hanna

Khatmeh Osseiran-Hanna, Vice President for University Advancement at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, shares the story behind securing the University’s largest ever philanthropic gift of $23 Million from Dr John and Char Kopchick.  It took a team effort, over many years, involving people from across the organisation to make this transformational blended-gift a reality.  A discussion about the Case for Support for a couple is covered, including getting “down into the weeds.”  Don’t miss Khatmeh share the importance of listening to a potential donor in order to develop the proposal that strikes a chord with them.  

Episode 13: A conversation with Paul Gollan

Paul Gollan, Senior Professor and Pro Vice Chancellor South East Asia at Wollongong University, shares insight on the global aspects of external engagement and developing partnerships. It is important to understand reciprocity in building relationship and that the partnership is filling a need in the market place.  Paul shares the importance of engaging with the private sector and finding out the needs of the senior executives by looking “outside the box.” The role of the engagement professional is discussed with respect to supporting existing relationships and keeping professionals motivated.  Listen to Paul share his thoughts about the custodians of partnerships and how to reflect at the end of the day of an international trip.