Episode 18: A conversation with Anthony Ash

Anthony Ash, Development Manager at Griffith University, addresses the issue of portfolio management and how the maturity of a fundraising program impacts the number of assigned prospects. Sharing his insights on securing the visit, and the components of the discovery visit, Anthony talks about using social media and old fashion snail mail in making a front line fundraiser more efficient.  Rejection is part of fundraising and “not to take it personally” is something to be remembered.  Learn how Anthony reinvigorates himself in overcoming rejection and his experience in making the ask along with the importance of adaptability for a fundraiser. 

Episode 17: A conversation with Scott Williams, AM

Scott Williams, AM (Member of the Order of Australia) is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist who provides tremendous insight on his approach to philanthropy. Scott shares his story in becoming a philanthropist and how he is leveraging his businesses for the betterment of the non-profit organisations he is passionate about.  He talks about the ROI regarding his philanthropy and lessons learned when he first began making gifts to various non-profits. Recent experiences have lead Scott to rethink his support of endowments.  Challenge grants are touched on as well as views about government policies surrounding philanthropy.  Listen to this episode to learn from a philanthropist to help your fundraising and engagement efforts.   

Episode 16: A conversation with Alex Ogeka

Alex Ogeka, Executive Director of the Kutztown University of Pennsylvania Foundation, shares the steps the Foundation is undertaking in preparing for a major fundraising campaign.  The lessons learned from previous campaigns have shed light on the need to ensure everyone associated with the organisation is on the same page with respect to the priorities of a campaign—transparency and good communication are required. Understanding constituent affinity is paramount and how 50 years of stewardship resulted in a $2.4 million gift for the Foundation. Listen to Alex also touch on the importance of technology in raising funds, but how the old fashion face-to-face visit is still the most effective way in raising the big money.