Episode 4: A conversation with Ruth O’Hanlon

Ruth O’Hanlon, who leads the Development, Alumni and External Engagement portfolio at SOAS University of London, shares valuable insight on culture “the water we swim in” and people’s attitudes towards money. Her problem solving skills involves thinking about sharpening the axe before taking whacks at the tree with it. An internationally experienced engagement and fundraising professional Ruth provides a few gems you are certain to use to help your organisation or advance your career.  

Episode 3: A conversation with Anthea Barry

Originally from South Africa Anthea Barry is an established professional in the Australian higher education advancement space.  Her first exposure to fundraising was “shaking a tin” for one of her mother’s causes and now she executes engagement activities for one of Australia’s top universities. Anthea addresses “advancement as a pathway” and questions if the recent privacy issues along with the saturation of social media means organisations will need to do things differently. 

Episode 2: A conversation with Andrew Pentland

Andrew Pentland (Director of Development and Philanthropy, The University of Queensland) shares how a career in lab work after graduation wasn’t for him and how a set of circumstances lead him to a successful fundraising career.  Identifying himself more as a fundraising “gardener” compared to a “hunter” Andrew shares the important qualities of a fundraiser.