Episode 10: A conversation with Kevin Hyde

Kevin Hyde, Media Relations Manager at Saint Martin’s University, is an experienced writer who understands writing for fundraising and engagement in addition to media relations. Listen to Kevin offer sage advice on audience awareness and plain talk communications. Kevin walks through the process of developing a case for support and how to overcome internal opinions that run contrary to what the data is telling an organisation.  Everyone can improve their writing skills and Kevin provides some pointers that can help.

Episode 9: A conversation with Marissa Hoover

Marissa Hoover, Director of Development and Alumni Relations at Penn State University-Harrisburg, is driven and admits on occasion of putting the cart before the horse.  However, this champion fundraiser knows how to get it done and raise money. She offers advice on how to be curious and it is not just about having passion for the organisation, but also having passion as a fundraiser. Collaboration is a critical component in securing those big gifts that have a collective impact. She explains the importance of the checks and balances after a gift is secured so the people within the organisation deliver on a gift. Listen to acquire valuable insight on building relationships that can help your career.  

Episode 8: A conversation with John Buchanan

John Buchanan, former coach of the Australian cricket team, provides insight on leadership, how to manage the “game changers,” and ethics. He never dreamed of being the Australian coach, but rather dreamed of being the best coach he could be. The recent ethics scandal surrounding the Australian cricket team is a reminder that all organisations are vulnerable to a fall out resulting from poor decisions made by one individual or a few—”the standard you walk by is the standard you accept.” Listen to this experienced leader and learn about tactics that you can use to help your organisation or your career.