Episode 22: A conversation with Phil Forrest

Phil Forrest is an experienced director of non-profit Boards (e.g. Singapore Institute of Directors and Australian-ASEAN Chamber of Commerce) and for-profit Boards (e.g. TerraCom Ltd and Readymix Holdings International).  Phil speaks to the importance of Board solidarity and what Boards look for in recruiting a new member.  The non-profit professional who works with Boards or is seeking a Board position will benefit listening to Phil’s sage advice.

Episode 21: A conversation with Ujjwal Amatya

Ujjwal Amatya, General Manager of the nonprofit organisation REED, located in Nepal, discusses using the balanced scorecard management tool in the quest to raise $2.5M. Ujjwal shares how his organisation uses both the grant model and the marketing model to attract support and appreciates how these models work in a competitive world.  Learn about donor mapping, the importance of getting VIPs into the field to demonstrate your organisation’s impact and Ujjwal’s philosophy of the three i’s–impact, influence, and income– shared in this episode.  

Episode 20: A conversation with Matt Hugg

Matt Hugg is the non-profit consultant’s consultant and talks about the nuances of retaining a consultant.  Matt discusses the importance of transparency, contracts, and the notion of scope creep. The comfort level between a consultant and a non-profit organisation is critical for a successful working relationship.  Everyone has a plethora of things to do in his/her daily profession and Matt shares the breakdown of 60-30-10 and the match between the consultant’s expertise and the non-profit’s mission. If your non-profit organisation is seeking to hire a consultant listen to this episode to learn about things to consider for a successful outcome.